British media giant ITV plc (LSE: ITV) said it has acquired a controlling interest in Tetra Media Studio, the French television production group behind major series such as Profilage, already in its seventh season, and Les Hommes de I’Ombre, the critically acclaimed political thriller known in Britain as Spin.

ITV holds 13 of the 15 regional television licences that make up the ITV network, the oldest and largest commercial terrestrial television network in the UK.

Tetra is an independent French-language production group headed by Jean-François Boyer, which last year produced 161 hours of content under seven labels. Boyer acquired the studio in 2004 and has since surrounded himself with a team of talented creators. Tetra now collaborates with the main French television channels.

In addition to fiction, the studio also includes Tangaro (Sabrina Azoulay), which produces the daily cultural magazine “Entrée Libre,” and Monello (Giorgio Welter), an animation company created 3 years ago when it produced its first two series, Max & Maestro and MarbleGen.

Tetra’s fiction labels include Tetra Media Fiction (TMF: Emmanuel Daucé), including production of the hit series Un Village Français; Beaubourg Audiovisuel (Stéphane Marsil), the label of Profilage, a series broadcast in more than 80 countries and Falco; Macondo (Charline de Lépine) who co-produced Les Hommes de l’Ombre in association with TMF; and Gedesel, a production company recently created by Dominique Lancelot.

“Jean-François has turned Tetra Media Studio into the most prominent production company in the field of fiction in France,” said Maria Kyriacou, President of ITV Studios International. “Thanks to the talents it brings together, Tetra Media Studio has produced an impressive number of recurring series and is currently developing numerous projects.”

“The power of the group has been built upon the choice of quality television, firmly anchored in French culture, and exported all over the world. The association with ITV and its international network will make it possible to increase the exposure of the works produced by Tetra Media Studio, thus improving the operating revenues of the group catalogs and promoting audacity and creativity in the French market,” Kyriacou added.

“With ITV, we share the same artistic ambition for the programs: everything possible to allow creators to develop high-end series,” said Jean-François Boyer. “This alliance is very stimulating for all our producers and all the talent we work with: the strength of the ITV Group will allow us to make French creations worldwide.”

ITV Studios Global Entertainment, will have the distribution rights of the majority of the Tetra Media Studio series. Tetra Media Studio will continue its activities as an independent producer under the supervision of a board composed of Maria Kyriacou, Jean-François Boyer and the president of ITV Studios France, Franck Firmin-Guion.

For its part, ITV Studios France will devote itself to the development, adaptation and production of the formats of ITV Studios and Talpa, which ITV acquired for over $1 billion in 2015.



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