Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC) said it acquired Replay Technologies. The purchase price is reportedly $175 million according to Israeli media.

Replay, whose wholly-owned R&D center is based in Tel-Aviv, has introduced free dimensional (freeD) video technology based on high-resolution cameras and computed intensive graphics, which allows viewers to see and experience real-life scenes through immersive camera views from multiple angles,

Just 10 days ago Replay raised $13.5 million in a Series B round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, bringing the total amount raised since it was founded in 2011, to $27 million. Previous investors also included Samsung Ventures, OurCrowd, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

“The Replay Technologies’ freeD system gives us the option to broadcast Mavs games with more unique angles,” said Mark Cuban, “which in-turn gives viewers never before seen insight into the game.”

Replay Technologies was co-founded 5 years ago by CEO Oren Yogev, CTO Mateo Shapira and COO Aviv Shapira. The company has 100 employees according to IVC.

Yogev, a Technion-trained physicist and electro-optical engineer with a deep background in high-end military technologies, has spent more than a decade working on laser guidance systems, drone manufacturing, and video recognition platforms. He has had significant global work experience including projects in US, UK, France and Israel.

“Nearly every business is being revolutionized by data and the ability to capture, connect, analyze and interact with it. One example that Intel is especially excited about is how data is re-inventing the way people consume and interact with sports media,” said Wendell Brooks SVP of Intel Corp.

Brooks is also the president of Intel Capital, the company’s global investment organization, which makes equity investments in innovative technology startups and companies worldwide in support of Intel’s strategic objectives. He also is responsible for leading, managing and driving Intel’s mergers and acquisition strategy and execution.

“It is one aspect of what Intel CEO Brian Krzanich calls the digitization of sports. At the recent NBA All-Star Weekend we delivered an immersive 3-D viewing experience to fans watching on TV and online that provided a taste of what’s to come,” he added.

“As a natural next step in our collaboration, today we’re excited to announce that Intel signed an agreement to acquire Replay Technologies. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Israel, Replay’s proprietary freeD format uses high-resolution cameras and compute intensive graphics to let viewers see and experience sporting events from any angle,” said Brooks.

freeD is a revolutionary three-dimensional visual data format which changes the way viewers interact with video. With the ability to navigate freely, freeD gives the user the control to see what the user wants. The freeD video format allows users to experience never-before-seen perspectives of live sporting events.

Most recently, this vision came to life when Replay partnered with Intel to deliver consumer-controlled, 360-degree instant replays for the NFL during Super Bowl 50 and for the NBA during the All-Star Weekend.

“We met Replay Technologies last year in Israel and experienced first-hand what this technology could mean for the VR space. Through our careful evaluation, it became clear that Replay Technologies’ platform could revolutionize VR for sports and live events,” commented Vicente Vento, CEO of DTCP, late last month.

From years of capturing on the field data, freeD breaks the mold of limitations to showcase athletes in a unique and breakthrough way as if they were wearing cameras themselves. The patented data algorithms are able to create 3D-pixels of the entire surface area to build the scene in real time.

As part of Intel, the Replay Technologies team will focus on growing their existing business and advancing their technology with Intel, to deliver faster freeD processing and new features, like the ability to manipulate and edit personalized content.

“Together, we will scale this new category for sports entertainment that we call immersive sports, which is attracting the attention of leagues, venues, broadcasters and fans. Immersive sports requires the high-performance computing Intel is known for, and it’s also data driven – fueling the continued build out of the cloud. For athletes, coaches, broadcasters and fans, the ability to capture, analyze and share data adds compelling new dimensions to the game,” Brooks commented further.



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