Vista Equity Partners acquired Fiverun, a leading innovator in the mobile point of sale (mPOS) arena, which will be merged with Vista’s recently acquired MarketLive and Shopatron, to create a unified omnichannel commerce solutions company called Kibo.

Omnichannel commerce is a multichannel business model or sales and marketing approach that provides the customer with a seamless shopping experience using a variety of channels and research techniques, whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.

“As the unique capabilities of Fiverun are added to the proven capabilities of MarketLive and Shopatron, we see a tremendous market opportunity for continued expansion towards a unified, omnichannel commerce solution,” said Robert F. Smith, founder, chairman & CEO of Vista Equity Partners. “We’ve created something new in Kibo, and it launches today as a formidable force that we’re committed to advancing and building in the years to come.”

“Vista’s acquisition of Fiverun and strategic vision in bringing these three companies together is just the latest example of their commitment to advancing innovation in the retail and commerce sectors,” said Kenneth Frank, CEO of Kibo. “I am thrilled to be leading Kibo and am certain our retail and brand manufacturing customer base will find us to be a dynamic and collaborative partner who can offer disruptive solutions that address constantly changing consumer demands in today’s omnichannel retail environment.”

Fiverun is best known for its experience reinventing in-store commerce through cloud-based solutions built on the most advanced technology in the world. The company provides innovative and scalable solutions to multinational retailers and brands, allowing for new features and capabilities that extend a retailer’s existing systems.

MarketLive provides digital commerce software and services for retailers, catalogers, direct marketers and manufacturers. Shopatron supplies cloud-based, distributed order management solutions. MarketLive and Shopatron were acquired simultaneously by Vista Equity Partners in December.

As a result of the merger, Kibo is set to become the most robust end-to-end cloud-based commerce solution for retailers and branded manufacturers, allowing them to meet consumer demands anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Kibo will provide everything retailers need to run an omnichannel commerce business: from in-store offerings like point of sale, dynamic payment processing, and store optimization; to online applications like web-based merchandising, website content management and design; to distributed order management for omnichannel fulfillment. Kibo will also provide integrated search functions and back-end support for warehouse management, shipping, reporting, analytics, and customer loyalty programs.

Vista Equity Partners is a U.S.-based investment firm with offices in Austin, Chicago and San Francisco, with more than $14 billion in cumulative capital commitments. It currently invests in software, data and technology-based organizations led by world-class management teams with long-term perspective.



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